ISSB Mechanical Aptitude Test - 1

1. Which pair of scissors will be most hard to use?

2. Water is discharged simultaneously from 4 holes of a container lying over a pillar. Which streak of water will land farthest, if no streak is interfering with each other?

3. Which diver feels the greatest underwater pressure?

4. If Switch "A" is switched on, which bulbs will become "on"?

5. Which incoming aircraft is turning to its left?

6. Which rope will be easiest to pull over the mass?

7. Which slide is offering least resistance to the weight?

8. Which cow will be difficult to see from an airplane: plain white, black and white, black or all equal?

9. Which side of the road should be higher?

10. Which three ropes supporting the horizontal bar can be removed, without the load coming down?

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