ISSB Mechanical Aptitude Test - 2

1. All Jars are inter connected at bottom. If water is poured in Jar D, which jar will over flow?

2. Which switch/s must be switched on to switch on the left most bulb?

3. Which star on the wheel cover more distance?

4. Te passengers of which speeding car will swing towards their left?

5. A force of 15 KGs compresses 3 springs in series by a distance of 15 cms. How much springs in parallal will be compressed?

6. The aircraft flies as indicated then changes course to follow the dotted line. Its new direction will be?

7. Which cog will make most number of turns in 40 seconds?

8. Which vehicle is moving straight?

9. In which case is the sun lowest in the sky?

10. Which weight can slide down most easily?

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